General Questions

What is

We connects Sri Lankan employers to Sri Lankan freelancers.

How works?

  1. Employer post a project
  2. Freelancers bid for the project
  3. Employer select the project winning freelancer
  4. Freelancer complete the work and get paid

Can I be an employer and freelancer at the same time?

Definitely you can.

Why is risk free for employer?

Employer releases the payment to freelancer only when he is satisfied with the deliverable.

How guarantee payment for freelancers?

We charge and lock the task fee before freelancer start working on the task. Therefore payment is guaranteed on acceptable work completion.

How will freelancers will get paid?

Payment will be directly deposited to your bank account.

What will be the service charge?

10% of total project value. That will be charged from freelancer.

How the promotion works?

Introduce to your friends and earn 5% of total project value from each friends first freelance project.

Can foreign freelancers apply for projects?

No. It's strictly prohibited. We will monitor and remove those freelancers.

How can I find projects to work?

Check projects with my skills section.

How can I contact freelancer or employer?

You can use messaging facility provided by